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Would you like some grief support?

If you've found this website, then you will know that I've written two books on grief. 'Love Untethered' is about my own personal experience of grief during the first year after my son died and offers gentle advice based on my experience as a coach and nutritional therapist. 'Supporting Your Grieving Client' is a guide for wellness and health practitioners on working with a bereaved client. For this book I undertook extensive research into grief and trauma. My books are just one way I aim to support those who are grieving and to raise awareness about the reality of grief.

The other way I offer support is through holistic grief coaching sessions where I can work with you one to one. Although there are certain commonalities, everyone's experience of grief is different and so I adapt my sessions to whatever it might be that you need from them.

My grief coaching is 'holistic' because I believe that grief can affect the mind, body and spirit, yet not all these aspects are explored in traditional bereavement counselling. In addition, because I have personal experience of just how devastating and traumatic loss can be, you will be supported by someone who really gets it. And that, I believe, can make a very significant difference.

I devised the holistic grief wheel as a starting point to enable us to recognise what areas might need particular support - as you will see there are many aspects of our lives which can be affected by grief. If, for example, you need help with some of the physical symptoms that can manifest after a loss – such as insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches etc – I can advise in my capacity as a nutritional therapist.

If it feels to you that you’re on a different page in the grieving process to that of another family member and this is concerning you and affecting your relationship, then I bring in my family dynamics training.

I’m also aware that sometimes grievers want to talk about the spiritual aspect of losing someone but often don’t feel they can. I am very comfortable exploring this with you, without judgement.

One of my clients recently described me as a 'one stop shop' because of the holistic approach I offer - I love this and sometimes we need a little humour amidst the seriousness of grief. Above all though, I hope to offer compassion in a world which is sometimes insensitive to grieving people.

So, if you would like to know more about working with me, please get in touch via the contact page

Or you can read more over on my other website:

I have written several blogs there on the affects of grief and about holistic grief coaching which you might like to read too.

I look forward to hearing from you x

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