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Vanessa May Grief Coach
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About Vanessa May

Vanessa May is a writer from London. She's also a holistic grief coach and certified grief educator, trained by world-renowned grief expert David Kessler, and a BANT registered nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach. 

Using her personal and professional experience, Vanessa offers a unique type of bereavement support, looking at all aspects of the grieving process and how it can affect not only our emotional and mental wellbeing but also the body and the spirit.

Vanessa’s own experience of profound grief and trauma means she is able to guide others who are going through a similar experience with heartfelt compassion, as well as being in a position to provide professional advice and support.

If you would like to know more about holistic grief coaching, nutritional therapy or wellbeing coaching, please visit Vanessa's other website here

What people are saying about Vanessa's book 'Love Untethered'

'This is the best book I have ever read on the loss of a child. I have read numerous books to help understand my grief but this is most validating and accurate. It is the book I often revisit.'

'I thoroughly recommend this book. The honest and immediate way Vanessa tells her story makes it easy to connect with someone who knows what it feels like to grieve for a child. Add to that her really useful advice and this book is excellent.'

'Love Untethered is NOT just a book for parents who have lost a child. It is a book for everyone who has ever loved - and I’m pretty sure that’s all of us'

'Love Untethered enables a deeper discussion about bereavement and PTSD'

'This should be a text every bereavement counsellor has to read.'

What people are saying about Vanessa's book 'Supporting Your Grieving Client'

‘Vanessa’s courageous survival of personal bereavement, combines with extensive professional experience to make this a deeply insightful guide into working sensitively and confidently with clients affected by grief.'


'Fantastic read, highly recommend to any healthcare professional wanting to deepen their understanding of how best to support a grieving client/patient. It was easy to read with informative case studies to relate to. I have come away with some new tools which I will now refer to and use in my own clinic.'

'Thank you Vanessa for writing such an informative, compassionate and very necessary book for healthcare and well-being practitioners.'

'A vital missing link in practitioner education.'

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