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How I Became a Writer

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Grief can be an extremely challenging path and life can often be a daily struggle. My way of pulling myself up from rock bottom has been to attempt to find some purpose in this part of my profoundly changed and un-asked for life. Writing has helped me to do this.

My journey as an author so far...

Writing has been my way of processing the grief and trauma of losing my child because I couldn't find a therapist or counsellor who I felt really 'got' what it was like for me. Writing about what happened to me helped relieve me of a little of the pain and eventually evolved into my book 'Love Untethered'. I was so pleased to then find a publisher, especially as it's notoriously difficult to get one.

Unfortunately, very close to the publication date, this publisher suddenly decided to censor all mention of anything 'alternative', from how reiki helped me, to spirituality and even the use of the word 'wellbeing'. I had no choice but to be true to myself and ask for my contract to be dissolved. However, this came at the price of my mental health as my PTSD was badly triggered, mostly by the visual of seeing red lines 'deleting' the words I had written about the most traumatic event that had ever happened to me.

But, by some miracle, I now have another publisher (John Hunt Publishing) and although I have had to go through the publishing process yet again, I feel they are definitely a better fit. 'Love Untethered' will be published in November 2022 and is available to pre-order now on Amazon.

And as I lost one publisher, I somehow gained two because I was then asked by Singing Dragon Books to write a book called 'Your Grieving Client: A Guide for Wellness Practitioners'.

I always enjoyed writing but becoming an author is not something I ever anticipated. However, it does provide me with a purpose as I move forward, giving me a chance to help raise awareness about what deep grief is truly like and what might help to ease some of the inevitable pain. Whilst you might not want to write a book, if you're grieving, you may find it cathartic to get some of your feelings down on the page.

The other way I survive my loss is by helping others who are bereaved through holistic grief coaching, where I can use my existing professional skills as well everything I've learnt through my own experience of grief and trauma.

If you'd like to find out more about how holistic grief coaching, contact me at

or visit and follow the link to holistic grief coaching on the Home page.

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