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How I can support you through grief

I'm guessing that if you've found this website, you have probably lost someone very important, or else you're supporting someone who has. You may have read one of my books: 'Love Untethered: how to live when your child dies' or 'Supporting Your Grieving Client: A guide for wellness practitioners'. If you have, then you'll know that I have personal experience of devastating loss and trauma. I now support others through my books and my grief coaching practice.

How to survive life after loss

My work as a holistic grief coach has been incredible for encountering so many other brave souls who I’m privileged to support. I learn from them as much as they learn from me. I know some might think that my entire world must revolve around grief now – well, yes, but grief is my constant companion anyway, it’s just that now I try to make it my friend rather than my enemy.


In my sessions I share ways to navigate loss and aim to give hope that there are many things you can do to support yourself in your healing. But I won’t deny that experiencing a profound loss (or losses) is a brutal process. I firmly believe that its an important part of healing to acknowledge just how life-changing some losses can be – mainly because as grievers we are often surrounded by people who don’t acknowledge it and who just don’t get it.


For me, the spiritual aspect of my grief is a big part of my survival. If it turns out I’m wrong and that when you’re dead, you’re dead, well, my belief in life after death will still have helped ease my very challenging path. It has helped me through the very darkest of days when nothing else did. If you’ve developed, or are developing, an interest in the ‘bigger picture’ due to traumatic loss which has provided a catalyst for seeking a greater understanding of life, death and the afterlife, then you may share my quest for trying to make sense of what’s happened. If so, then this can be incorporated into your grief coaching sessions.


I will never pretend my path – or yours - is easy. Some losses you can never get over, the wound is too deep. I’ve had to look for tools and resources to help me through my grief and this is very much an ongoing process. By telling own story in 'Love Untethered', and by sharing what I’ve learnt from my own experience, I hope you might feel less alone in your grief and that a spark of hope is ignited in you so that perhaps you can find your own meaning and purpose in your life after loss.

grief support

Would you like to know more about how I can support you?


Everyone’s experience of grief is different and its depth and intensity will depend on many complex factors. In holistic grief coaching sessions, I will always listen with empathy and compassion. A few months, or sometimes even weeks, after your loss, those around you may stop asking how you are and you may feel you can’t talk about your grief anymore, even though it hasn’t gone away and you might feel it never will.

‘I want grief support from someone who actually gets it'

Working with someone who shares a similar experience to your own can allow you to feel really understood and properly heard. The combination of personal experience and professional expertise can be invaluable.

‘I want some tools to help me navigate my loss'

You want someone to guide you through the grieving process. You don’t want to stay stuck in your pain, you want someone who can provide workable suggestions that may ease your path.

The holistic grief coaching sessions I offer will give you all of the above. In addition, as a nutritional therapist, I can help you understand the physical symptoms of grief (such as digestive issues, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety) and what you might do about them. My approach is holistic – because grief can be a whole being experience, affecting mind, body and soul.

"Speaking with someone who understood exactly what I was going through was like gold dust. Vanessa gave me a platform where I could air my great sadness and grief in a very safe space where I felt understood"

Would you like to know more about the grief support I offer?

Please get in touch and we can discuss how I might help you.



Vanessa May

Holistic Grief Coach & Certified Grief Educator

BANT Nutritional Therapist

ILM accredited Wellbeing Coach

Vanessa May, author and holistic grief coach

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