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Excerpt from 'Love Untethered'

'There is nothing about this particular Saturday to indicate that something is going to happen to transform my life beyond anything I could possibly imagine. Nothing to suggest that, by tomorrow evening, I will be a changed person, having walked through a door to an entirely different life. That door will divide my life into before and after, slamming behind me with breathtaking callousness and ensuring that I can never return to the world I once inhabited. But, for now, I believe this Saturday to be a perfectly ordinary day and I live it without any knowledge of the catastrophic event that will occur at around two o’clock...'

'Love Untethered' will be published on 25th November 2022 

Available to pre-order now on  Amazon  

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'Supporting Your Grieving Client: A guide for wellness practitioners' due for publication July 2023

Vanessa is currently planning her third book...

Praise for 'Love Untethered'

Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times bestselling author:
'Vanessa May has written a book that can truly help all those who are grieving find deep spiritual meaning, comfort and strength. Highly recommended.'

Nancy Tucker, author of 'The First Day of Spring', 'The Time in Between' and 'That Was When People Started to Worry':
'Vanessa’s book is unusual in its fusion of heart-breaking honesty and determined, resolute hope. She tells her story plainly, but never gratuitously, in an elegant style that puts the raw emotion of such a great loss centre stage. It is essential reading for the bereaved and those trying to support them. I was - and remain - deeply moved by her strength and courage.'

Giles Paley-Phillips, author and host of award nominated podcasts: 
'Love Untethered is heartfelt and beautifully written.'

Lucy Lyndhurst, mother of actor Archie Lyndhurst 
'Love Untethered is beautiful and I take the greatest comfort from Vanessa's honesty. From the physical side of grief to the emotional side, to the behaviour of friends and the world outside - it all needs to be more out there so that the grief associated with losing a child can be better understood. I think this book will help so many.'

Elaine Wilkins, NHS Trainer, coaching and mentoring for Health Professionals: 
'i believe this is such an important work and should be a core text for counsellors. But most importantly it shares the raw essence of what it is to get through the day as a bereaved parent.'

'Love Untethered' is available to pre-order now from Amazon 

writing a book

Supporting Your Grieving Client: A Guide for Wellness Practitioners

July 2023

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